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Love One. Love All.

What if you could...

Make a massive difference in the world, help prevent teen suicide, and get "Luxury leggings for half the price?"

  • Help prevent teen suicide and self-harm
  • Wear the most flattering, comfortable, mission-driven leggings on the planet
  • Promote body-positivity and size-inclusivity
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Our story...

When suicide impacted our family in 2017, we were moved to create a mission-based business for the prevention of teen suicide, so other families would not have to endure the same pain and suffering we had.

You see, the largest leggings company in the world sells $10 million in leggings EVERY SINGLE DAY (no exaggeration). But we have a much more meaningful goal in mind. We know if we can achieve even a fraction of that number – and donate 10% of all profits to the prevention of teen suicide and self-harm – we can save countless young lives...EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We also knew that if we didn’t create the most beautiful, flattering, comfortable leggings in the world, you would never wear them...and no one would buy them!

So we went on a new journey to find the absolute best athleisure designer in the world.

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We searched endlessly, looking for the absolute top athleisure designers from Lululemon, ALO, Athleta, Carbon 38, Outdoor Voices, Free People, Adidas, Nike, UnderArmour, Puma, Gymshark, Everlane, Fabletics, Beyond get the idea.

And then we found her…

As one of the founding designers at Lululemon, Alma helped build the aesthetic of the brand we all know today. As Design Director, she worked hand-in-hand with the founder, was instrumental in the creation of the famed Luon® fabric, and is the designer behind the Wunder Under®, the legging that started it all. In fact, Alma created many of the trademark styles that are still Lululemon best-sellers to this day, and has received eleven patents for designs she created, as she says "to make women feel amazing about themselves and their bodies."

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